Welcome to the Sacred Alchemy Store March 27 2014

Sacred Alchemy Store has been created to provide services and products for the benefit for body, soul and mind. We will now at the beginning of this adventure focus largely on spiritual services, such as spiritual consults with Ifá and Quimbanda and Astrological Services, in particular natal readings focusing on discovering your potential and destiny.
Many of Our products are related to these services where we in relation to Ifá offer African medicinal soaps (osé éró) and Ifá talismans (Iwurè) for a great variety of purposes. We will also offer charged spiritual baths (omi ero).
We will also offer a wide range of traditional Quimbanda statues, fully charged for the use of devotion and work with spirit, as well as amací (spiritual baths).
Sacred Alchemy store will in time also offer a wide range of assorted products. As the store grows we will offer products of astrological relevance, ritual supplies and also products for beauty and attraction. New products will be presented in due time, so keep yourself posted as they are made available in the store!